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Funeral Home Index

The Kamloops Family History Society undertook the task of indexing the Kamloops funeral registers in September 1996. Society volunteers met 7:00 - 9:00 pm every Wednesday evening at the Kamloops Museum and Archives to extract and transcribe information from the funeral records. This phase of the project was completed in June 1998.

Concurrently with the transcribing of records, other society volunteers entered the information into a computer database for processing and still other volunteers proofread the computer input. Data entry was completed in July 1998.


The total time spent by the volunteers in completing the indexing of the funeral registers is conservatively estimated at more than 1100 hours. Those who gave generously of their time in various phases of the project are listed below.

Transcribing records: Mary Ayers, Elenore Chamberland, John Corbishley, Enid & Warren Damer, Jane Ellen Doubt, June Duck, Mabel Fowler, Eileen & Don Gordon, Pamela Hambrook, Mary Lynne Harding, Pat King, Donna Mazur, Joan Nethery, Arlana Nickel, Norma Rosen, Sylvia Whalley

Data entry: Frances Bishop, Peter Botham, Deanna Coates, Doug Foreman, Marilyn Ivey, Shawne MacKay, Donna Mazur, Norma Rosen.

Proofreading: Elenore Chamberland, Barbara Clark, Joan Conley, June Duck, Gill Gaiser, Pamela & James Hambrook, Mary Lynne Harding, Sylvia Whalley.

Publication preparation: Frances Bishop designed the cover, prepared the cemeteries location map, and shared her expertise and knowledge in preparing documents for publication.

Several volunteers were exceptionally generous with their time and deserve a special vote of thanks for their effort in seeing this project to completion. These individuals are: Frances Bishop, Elenore Chamberland, June Duck, Pamela Hambrook, and Marilyn Ivey.

Kamloops Family History Society gratefully acknowledges the cooperation and assistance of Kamloops Museum and Archives staff in making microfilm copies of the Kamloops funeral records available to us. In addition, curator Elisabeth Duckworth graciously gave permission for the use of her article Under Ground: A brief history of Kamloops cemeteries as an introduction to this index.

Special Acknowledgements

The Kamloops Family History Society wishes to thank Ron Zwarich for all his efforts in initiating and organizing this huge project which has become the Kamloops Funeral Records Index

The Society also wishes to thank Ron for the many months it took him to turn all the transcribed material into this very useful and worthwhile publication which will be a valuable addition to any genealogical library.
To order your copy of the book please write to

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