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Pleasant Street Cemetery

During the 1890's, Kamloops was experiencing rapid growth in population and the need for a large graveyard was recognized, so in 1898 the city purchased land for what became the Pleasant Street Cemetery. The date of the first interment in this cemetery was 28 May 1900.

Pleasant Street Cemetery superseded the small Pioneer Cemetery at Eighth Avenue and Lorne Street, which was located just east of the mouth of Peterson Creek. (Pioneer Cemetery has been recorded by the Kamloops Family History Society.)

By 1951 it was evident the city would soon require more burial space and a 15-acre site was purchased in the Sahali area for Hillside Cemetery. Pleasant Street Cemetery continues to be used for burials in pre-existing family plots and there will have been a number of these burials since the transcription and extraction of records by the KFHS for this publication.


This cemetery recording project was initiated by Kamloops Family History member, Paddy Harrington, in 1987. The monumental inscriptions were transcribed by the membership under Paddy's direction. A Federal Grant, the Challenge'88 Program, enabled the society to hire student, Melanie Bachmann, who, in the summer of 1988, extracted the information from the City Cemetery Records. These were then combined with the Pleasant Street Cemetery monumental inscriptions in 1988.

At this time the project might have stalled, but member Sid Reith undertook the massive job of entering the prepared data into the computer. Following this, under the direction of Elizabeth Murdoch and Pat King, KFHS members spent countless hours cross-checking and proofreading approximately 6000 names.

In May of 1997, Doug Foreman headed a group of volunteers who updated the monumental inscriptions.This second edition incorporates a number of new ideas and suggestions from KFHS members. Frances Bishop designed the new cover and proofread the second addition. Ron Zwarich edited the second edition.

All those involved in this project, and who gave so willingly of their time, recognized the importance of preserving this information and we thank them for their generous support. We also thank the staff of the City Cemetery Office for allowing us access to their records and for the use of their office space.

Special Acknowledgements

The Kamloops Family History Society would also like to express their sincere appreciation to The Kamloops Museum Association for their financial assistance in publishing the first edition of this book.
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