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Publication Information

The Kamloops Family History Society has compiled and published a number books and journals that are available for sale. These publications can be requested by writing to address below.

November 2014 Volume 30 No. 2

Page-2 On Our Cover
Page-3 The Secrets of the Past By Catherine O'Reilly
Page-5 The Remittance Man By Doreen Wallace
Page-5 Stanley Day By Raymond Bell
Page-6 The Remittance Man's Letter From "Grassroots of Dorothy"
Page-7 The Letter By Catherine O'Reilly
Page-10 Little House on McArther Island By Shawne MacKay
Page-13 Are You a Good Ancestor
Page-14 First Nation Genealogy Resources in Kamloops By Emma Curtis
Page-18 Genealogical Standards Submitted by Doug Foreman
Page-19 Epitaphs Submitted by Doug Foreman, Photos by Karen Collins
Page-25 Family History: Past to Present By Al Yelland
Page-27 Increase your success in finding maiden names By Barry J Ewell
Page-30 Websites of Interest
Page-31 Roots in Question
Page-31 Bulletin Board
Page-32 News

To order your copy of the book send a cheque or money order of $3.50 for the cost of the book plus $0.50 for shipping and handling to

Donna Mazur
605 Richmond Ave.
Kamloops, BC
V2B 1T4

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